Services and Rates


Proofreading: Reading for and eliminating cosmetic errors within a manuscript. The least comprehensive form of editing offered, it is also the cheapest option offered at $2/page. Proofreading services are not comprehensive, and do not involve locating issues with plot or character development. Proofreading services are strictly to locate and eliminate noticeable, topical errors.

Copy Editing: Reading over and editing manuscripts for errors in style, formatting, spelling/grammar, and accuracy. Manuscripts are read fully twice over, once for grammatical and formatting errors and again for errors in tone, style, voice, and inconsistencies within the story.  Standard rate is $4/page, though discounts are available for longer manuscripts.

Content Editing: The most intensive editing service offered, content editing includes reading over the manuscript and editing or making changes related to plot, characterization, dialog, style, and overall content within the novel. Unlike copy editing or proofreading, content editing may involve some content creation and rewriting. Rates begin at $5/page.

Ghost Writing: Please contact Ms. Leahill with specific requests.

Content Writing: Please contact Ms. Leahill with specific requests.